The agency


At Pub Point Com, helping our clients achieve their objectives and standing out from the crowd is our trademark. Our distinguishing feature: the implication of senior people in all our projects, from the earliest stages of strategic planning and creative development until their deployment in market.

  • Alain Vinet
    Founding President and CEO

    Alain has been putting his signature instincts and intuition to work helping businesses and organizations roll out integrated marketing strategies for over a quarter century now. For him, a campaign is nothing if clients don't get the results they’re aiming for. Alain's enthusiasm for directing client accounts is equalled only by the fun he has working on them.

  • Jean-Pierre Giroux
    Vice President, Media

    Jean-Pierre draws on 20 + years of media agency experience to craft inspired, effective multiplatform strategies form-fitted to the target audience and the market he has in his sights. He is curious, analytical, dedicated, methodical, and a great motivator who can get the whole team on board to deliver results you can count on.

    Director, Client Services

    For close to 25 years Caroline has been artfully steering communication projects of all kinds in advertising and media alike. Her front-of-mind concern has always been the delivery of impeccable, client-centered service. Caroline is a true believer with a first-class analytical mind, working hand-in-hand with clients to deliver big, ambitious campaigns.

    Creative Director

    Marc has over 25 years of creative experience under his belt and loves to offer ground-breaking concepts for clients that blend creativity and strategic skill. This dedicated, multidisciplinary communicator lives for the smiles on clients' faces when he pitches a new concept and for the handshakes and high-fives when campaign results come in.

Pub Point Com is a member of T-CAAN, the Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network, an alliance of 24 Canadian marketing agencies with whom we can discuss issues and pool expertise.